Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mom Cave

Over at Centsational Girl, she's doing a contest about your "Mom Cave". You can check it out here.

This is my little corner of the house where work meets bills meets clutter and the catch-all. It's a work in progress... It's a little niche in our bedroom, next to the closet. In order to have more room in Will's room for all of his stuff, the office & all of the stuff that goes with it, got moved into our bedroom.

Hubby and I were talking about maybe getting a new duvet cover for the bed, which is about 3 feet away from my desk area, so obviously any pops of color I add to my super mini Mom Cave need to coordinate with that. Our duvet now is a nice soft grey, but we've had it for 4 years... It's getting a little drab. I like the idea of keeping the bed somewhat subdued and mellow since it is a place of relaxation, but I would love to pop some color in the desk area to provoke some liveliness.

I really want to make this space a little more girly and organized. Here are a few things I'm working on doing:
- New duvet for the bed... ? There are actually a bunch I really like right now! I'll have to throw a few out there and see what Hubby says...
- Add a fabric bulletin board to pin up pictures that inspire me. Whether it's a picture of the Disney Cruise I want to take in 2 years with the kiddos, or a great color scheme that I'm dying to use on a project.
- Add a dry erase board to keep a running "To Do" list and cross off the stuff that I complete so I feel more accomplished.
- Hang a message center on the wall so I can get some of the clutter off of the top of the desk. I really like these from Pottery Barn.
- I was also looking at maybe adding a horizontal band around the entire room in the teal accent color we are currently using in our room and adding some of these zinnia flower stencils inside the band to give the walls some interest and contrast.

This is usually my little escape while Will takes a nap. I hop on Facebook to see what's going on, check on the blog, and start something creative. Not to mention all of the other not-so-fun things that need to be done to keep the house running like paying bills, making grocery/Target/Costco lists, and cutting coupons.


  1. I really like your desk! Good luck with the contest :)

  2. I like your desk and the white against the chocolate walls. Your bedding choices are fantastic too- really soothing!

  3. Good luck with the contest. It looks like you have some great essentials and a well coordinated and organized space.

  4. LOVE the idea of a teal horizontal stripe!

  5. Love those bedding choices! Thanks for sharing and good luck!


  6. We also have our "office/desk" in our master bedroom so I hear your pleas ;) We hung a wire from the ceiling (from Ikea) and have a curtain hanging...I made it our of a king flat that we can close it for sleeping. The computer screen and CPU's put out lights that get brighter at night when you are tring to sleep...ugh! But I don't see that as a problem with you cause I don't see a PC on your desk ;)Also...have you thought about some lighting to make the are brighter for your Mom Cave cause HomeGoods has some great lamps and chandeliers. Best of luck, fondly, Roberta

  7. Great space! I love the desk and all your choices.


  8. Mmm. Chocolate walls. Love it. Those zinnia stencils are a great idea...esp in a shimmery paint...

  9. I love the rich chocolate wall colors and the useful use of the space. Very nice.


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