Monday, October 18, 2010

Cellular Frustration

Last week my adorable 2 yr old was doing all the adorable things that I love so much....and then got ahold of my cell phone.  A little drool and a few pushed buttons later....he somehow got my phone on this insane loop of a program that wouldn't let me do anything.  Call, txt, turn it on and off.  It just kept trying to connect to a computer, when it wasn't even plugged in to anything, and kept sending this error message.  SO....needless to say...I was a little annoyed.  I did everything to fix it, including a hard restart, which basically wipes the phone clean (yup...lost all my contacts.  pleh).  I don't have the money to plop down $200 on a new phone, and am especially not going to do it when I'm only 30 days away from a free phone upgrade.  So due to situations beyond my wallet and control...I am in a forced experiment of NO CELL PHONE.

I have to say that the idea of having this experiment always intrigued me.  Like when people say they go completely dark for a week (no computer, phone, tv)....ack...I don't know if I could do it.  But really, 10 years ago I had no cell...heck even in college I had no cell phone.  So what did I do back then?  What?  I actually CALLED people with my LAND LINE and TALKED to them? Insanity!!! 

The first couple days were the is any day of kicking a habit.  I almost literally got the shakes an hour after it happened.  There seemed like so many things that I wanted to text or send pics about.  The first time out of the house this weekend I kinda panicked because I didn't have my phone in my pocket.  How will I ever know what kind of halloween decor to get if Heather can't help me make a decision?  Omg my boys are being so cute and I can't tell anyone about it except the lady in the adjoining aisles!!!! I was making dinner and my dead phone was laying on the counter and out of reflex I picked it up to check calls or messages.  It's a total addiction, these cell phones.  Many of my friends, when I emailed to ask for their numbers, told me they wouldn't bew able to go without theirs for a day, so good luck on my month sans phone.  I told my MIL last night that my phone was dead and she asked "how do I get ahold of you?" 

It's funny to me the dependency that we have on all our devices.  In the 10 days or so I've been without a cell phone, the one difference I can see is that it's one less thing that I have to worry about when leaving the house.  I'm never distracted while driving, and I haven't been that annoying lady who talks or texts at the checkout.  I can actually concentrate at the store instead of wandering aimlessly down the aisles while I talk.  The downside.....I'm hopelessly addicted to my computer now.  Well see how the remaining time goes, and heck, I may even try to kick the computer habit for a week.....uuuuggghhh....just the thought of that makes me break out into a cold sweat....

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