Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fave: Picky Sticky!

Oh how cute are these?  I saw them on the one's I wanted were all sold out.  So I went straight to the source,,  and saw ones I like even better!  They are stickers that you put on the Wee's outfits for their monthly pics!  What a cute idea!  I'm always scrambling for something cute for the Jagg-man to wear on his monthly pics...and sometimes we only make it into our pajamas.  Now all I have to do is grab a onesie and slap one of these on and Voila!!! Instant cute monthly outfit!  Plus, I was just going through Hunter's pics to finish his first year scrapbook (I'm that behind) and forgot what month was what.  So with's right on the outfit.  Genius.  And although  didn't have these for 4 months...I figure I'll use them as the background in his scrapbook.  They even have some for pregnancy weeks, which, if I had known about them then...I prob would have taken monthly pics just to wear them.  Fabulous idea!

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