Thursday, September 23, 2010

4 days...

For the last 4 days, I was busy working, and it was .... exhausting! Thankfully, we have a nice hoard of sitters that could take care of the wee-Will while I was off making the big bucks (ha ha! Who am I kidding?! I basically just paid our grocery bill). And thankfully Lani has been picking up my slack and posting all kinds of fun stuff to keep you entertained! At any rate, it's nice to hear that your son was fun & well behaved for others, even if it was just for family...because let's face it, they can get away with murder when the grandparents are solely in charge.

Day One of work was fun because it's something new and out of the norm from my daily routine of cooking, cleaning, rinse and repeat. It's a chance to talk to grown ups, answer the phone without interruption, and read something other than "How to make my toddler stop doing that" books.

Day Two is still fun, but it's a little rough. Another morning of getting up extra early to get everything ready on time, with an ample time buffer in case a tantrum breaks out while you're trying to get out the door to drop off the wee-one, and still get to work on time. I'm not a morning 5:30am two days in a row is torture.

Day Three was a bit of a break, but the tiredness was kicking in.

Day Four sucked big time because Hubby stayed home with Will. Thankfully and sadly, I got pictures of the fun stuff I was missing out on. Watching Cars while eating spaghetti?! Come on! Just pour some lemon juice on my paper cut, why don't you!?

And now the aftermath. Day Five, Will decided to wake up 4am. He's up, talking and getting more pissed as the minutes dragged on when he's yelling "MAMA!!! DADADADA!!!!! MAMAMA!!!!" and no one is coming to get him. ...Really!? You've got to be kidding me. Once Will went down for a nap & I had a moment to regroup after both of our minor meltdowns of him turning his oatmeal into finger paint, I had to assess the situation.
- Both sinks in the kitchen overflowing with dirty dishes.
- Dishwasher full of dirty dishes.
- All laundry receptacles overflowing with dirty laundry (I'm sensing a trend here...)
- Vacuuming to be done.
- Mopping to be done.
- Dusting to be done.
The list goes on and on. I'm at Day Six and have barely made a dent in the list. Ugh. Today I started the laundry. Easily, there are 6 loads to do. On top of that, it's probably time to do sheets & towels again. Joy.

BUT! I am thankful to be getting things back in order. It's nice to have a break from the norm, and seriously, it makes me want to work that much harder at home to be able to continue to stay at home. It was definitely the kick in the rear I needed to get some work-at-home business projects up and running. YES! I can't wait!
It makes me feel better that I can tell Will missed me terribly. It's even better that he was well behaved for everyone that was taking care of him... [patting self on the back]

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