Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Melting

It seems like our theme this week is talking about the ridiculous tantrums we've been enduring lately. I guess that's just the age bracket we are both in with our little ones.

Thankfully, they aren't like that 24/7. But sometimes, it's good to snap a pic of those major meltdown moments to show your kid when they're 16 how they used to be and what they put you through before they could remember. Heck, I'm waiting for another moment so I can capture it on video!

Anyways, I have to share these. This is just in the course of one hour... actually, probably less. This meltdown was just for a second, but Hubby managed to capture this priceless moment.

Despite that little craziness, we really did have a great day at The Aquarium of the Pacific. And this smile is why we endure all of the arched back, throw himself on the ground, lunatic moments.

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  1. isnt he so adorable! i hope mine look like that! love bekka!


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