Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surf's Up! (on a budget!)

A couple weeks back my little man turned 2! Not so little anymore!  Wah!  Anyway, I thought we'd just do a little something simple for his 2nd b-day and invite his closest friends and family for a surf themed party.  Unfortunately, 2 of his best buds were sick or at a previous engagement....but we still had a blast!  I tried to save money every little place I could< and pretty much did all of the decorations myself with some help from the Cricut machine, (Heather's) "Life's a Beach" cartridge, and some old decorations dug up from the basement!!  Wahoo!

I made this cute little banner for outside out of $0.99 cent wrapping paper for the board and stripe and the "Life's a beach cartridge for the letters and numbers.

There was lots of water play in the backyard....along with some double fisting of juice boxes...

Oh and don't mind our extremely dead grass...that week we had a terrible heat wave and it was in the 90's and super humid.

On the inside of the house I just decorated the adult table with some inexpensive lei's we found, some big palm leaves that we had used at my baby shower (Sonny actually arranged them in the vase....awwww) and some other little surfy/luau doodads that we had lying around)

I also just used a little kiddie card table and chairs, covered them in an inexpensive tablecloth, some yellow cotton fabric for layering, a chopped off hula skirt, and made these little tags for the kids chairs from the "Life's a Beach" cartridge.  I thought it was really quite sweet.

Oh...I also made the pizzas and made sure to stuff the kids one full of spinach.  SSSHHHHH...they'll never know! I'm trying to make tradition...I made the cake!  Just a simple boxed cake on the inside that I jazzed up with a vanilla pudding-coconut mixture, and some fondant and icing on the outside.  I originally wasn't going to have a fin....but I had leftover ends (after shoving the other 3 end in my mouth), so I realized it's totally over sized for the cake...but I thought it looked good.  Oh, and btw, the yellow fondant was leftover from a pack i bought LAST YEAR!  GLORIOUS!

My niece...she's happy with cake...

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the favors...but I got fake coconut shells, filled them with jelly beans, created a tag like I did on the back of the chairs and stuck it on a funky curly straw.  I got the idea from a parents magazine article. SO CUTE!

So it was a pretty successful bday party that I think I did great on a budget!  Next up....Jagger's Christening!  On a Budget!  Wahoo!

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