Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Bottle Bonanza!

As the due date approaches, I've been busting out all of Hunter's old things and getting them ready for baby boy number 2!!! Most recently we re-arranged the kitchen cabinets to accommodate all the baby bottles and nipples, of which I forgot how many there are! Hunter was born just prior to the whole BPA discovery, so many of our wee bottles are not the BPA free kind. Being that it's Earth Day, I thought I'd revisit this debate and share my little thoughts on BPA free products.

When the reports first came out, I have to say that I poo-pooed the whole thing. I HATE those emails that go around and say that such and such causes cancer, if you eat this you'll die, and on and on and on. So I dismissed that this email was one and the same. I don't believe in buying into mass panic. Over the past couple years, more reports have come out, especially from the FDA, who state that there is enough evidence that BPA could possibly be harmful to take care. Ok....but these studies, let's be realistic, are based on mass quantities over a short period of time when in reality, it affects us in small quantities over a long period of time.

Anywhoo, so I've taken a little interest in what people have to say and since the first reports, I have made sure to buy BPA free products....better safe than sorry I suppose! So as Sonny and I were putting bottles away...I had a few BPA free products... but realized that my favorite bottles were the glass ones regardless! Yay! Win win! Naturally BPA free, recyclable, and ever so retro. So I resolved to replace the non BPA bottles with some glass bottles, saving the earth, my child, and my sanity (as they are dishwasher safe...bonus easy to clean!).

What are your small changes that you make to improve your health, the earth, or your babies well being? Small changes will lead to bigger ones, so let's all pitch in and help the Earth just a little today! It's our home!

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  1. We didn't have any glass bottles with Will, but I will probably use them with kid #2. All of our bottles were BPA free, though. That was one thing I did buy into.

    One of my fav earth friendly products is the reuseable mat with the suction cups for on the go. I saw you had one for Hunter and we got one too. It's so handy and costs less than buying the disposable ones. Easy peasy!


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