Monday, March 29, 2010

Happiness served daily

I've never been the most bubbly of personalities....and I have never been one to BS happiness too much. I guess I expect that if I'm in a funk or if I'm down about friends and family will be there to support me and eventually pull me out of it.

But, I have never intended this blog to be a place where I can just dump a load on you, Internet, and expect you all to soak it in and take it. How rude of me to do so. I say this because it has recently been pointed out to me that some posts have been quite negative. One of my kindest, dearest girlfriends came onto D&D the other day and said I sounded sad, depressed, and so unhappy that she felt bad that she had no idea. I have to say that this is so opposite of true! I guess it was just one of those know....the one where you've just had about enough of the pregnancy and take it out on the world....but I am far from unhappy.

So I took some time to re-evaluate the things that are currently going on in my life and subtract all pregnancy woes from the equation. And since I'm a list maker....I of course...well....have a list of the things that are up and up and good in my life. All in is good...and there are a hundred things each day that make me happy. What are some things in your life that you're thankful for on a day to day basis?

1) My husband and my son.....I couldn't ask for anything more from 2 men. They are both the kindest, funniest, men I know and they make sure that they make me laugh once a day

2) Pepper, my little pooch, knows just how to annoy me and pick me up everyday. She's always good for a cuddle, never complains, and just wants to be held. And it's totally my fault for not training her to not kiss people....but it's only because I feel so loved when she gives me a few good licks.

3) My friends near and far. I have few, but they are all truly fabulous. Especially since I've been burned in the past by so-called girlfriends, I really can't believe I've gotten so lucky to have such loyal, beautiful, wonderful girls. Love you all!

4) Our house. I may gripe that it's a town home and I long for a single family home with a yard and a fence and blah blah blah blah...but this house is truly a home for us. It feels so good to collapse on our ginormous sectional, or cuddle in our ultra soft bed. And I can always see it on Hunter's face that he's glad to come home. And in an economy where so many people are losing's a blessing to have one to call our own.

5)Heather....yup.....what a gal. There is none like her, people. Even though she's 3000 miles away from me, she makes sure to make me feel like she's right next door. I can always count on her for advice, a day long text conversation, tolerating endless decor and design questions and pictures, and a daily giggle. She's even a great shopping partner...I just text her a pic and she gives a yay or nay. She's my bestie, and a truly great one at that......thanks Heath!

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  1. Aw, thanks buddy. I enjoy going shopping for you whether it's for home decor or clothes. :)


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