Monday, February 8, 2010

Toy Story... everyone knows...and we've said it a couple times on here too....why do we bother with buying our kids toys when they would just rather play with the box? OMG...I have found the toy of all toys...seriously. I get HOURS (total) a day with Hunter playing with this is the greatest invention ever....

TA DA!!! This in the SIT TO STAND TRAIN by Vtech. This is literally hours of fun and has so many different activities to do. You can put the letter blocks into slots on the side of train and it tells you the letter and the object on it (you know...I is for ice cream....A is for apple....yada yada). It also plays music, does numbers, and colors (and the colors have corresponding songs...which Hunter loves to dance to). Then it has a cool shoot (see the red part in front of the handle?) that you can put the blocks into and it shoots them into the caboose. That's how Hunter cleans up the blocks. BUT WAIT!! THERE'S MORE!!! You can also sit and scoot, OR the caboose detaches so that they can stand and push.

Holy Lord this is the best invention ever!!! Sometimes when you read these mommy blogs, the authors are promoting things that they have gotten for free from companies...which...if the products are truly great then more power to them. But this a genuine, 100% not paid for endorsement of this toy! My parents got this as a Christmas gift and nearly 3 months later it is still the number one on his list!!

I must also say that this is a great toy for learning and dexterity as well. When he first got it...he didn't understand how to get the block into the slots to make it do its thing. He would try to put them in upside down, sideways, and then get frustrated and yell at me to do it. I showed him the pics and the letters and kinda stepped back to force him to do it himself. He is a pro now! He even looks at the block first...turns it the right way....then sticks them in. Also...he repeats what the toy says! When the block says "B is for ball" he will use the sign for ball and say "". When the block says "I is for ice cream" it makes a little slurping sound (like someone is licking up ice cream) and he repeats it! I try and get him to do animal sounds and airplane sounds and he doesn't listen worth a poop. But when the train tells him? He repeats right away.

I highly recommend this toy for any tot one and up. It's a fabulous learning tool, and a great tool for mom to get a few minutes to drink her coffee in the morning!!

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  1. That is pretty freakin' amazing! I've seen it a few times and am debating on getting it for Will for his birthday even though he has a few sit, scoot, push toys filling up our living room.


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