Friday, February 5, 2010

FF: Punch 'em out

Yesterday, as Hunter was taking a marathon of a nap, I saw Martha Stewart crafting some Valentines paper projects. I've recently become less and less of a fan of Martha's since her show is basically a reiteration of her magazine and a sales pitch of all her many lines of retail products...but I really enjoyed watching her make these cards. She was pushing her crafting line, and I rolled my eyes at most of it, but they used the Martha Stewart for Michael's border punches and I was intrigued. Since we are supposed to get another down pouring of snow...I thought that Hunter and i would run out to Michael's quickly this morning and check them out. I bought one in honor of valentines day that has X's and O's. I really like these because they are nice and wide, and they have a cool guide where you can easily continue the pattern across the paper and make it look like a continuous punch. I'll be testing it out tomorrow as we are stuck inside the house, but I can tell that I'm going to be investing in more of these!


  1. Totally agree about Martha's show! But some of her products are really cool. Love that hole punch very cute.

  2. I have one of those. Mine is more of a doiley looking one. Very cute. They are super handy and def easy to use since they have a guide. :)


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