Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Deals & Steals : Old Navy Weekly

Check out http://www.oldnavyweekly.com/. It's a fun little scavenger hunt each week where you click around to find a coupon. There are some really great coupons on there if you get there the day it starts, so check back often! I got a coupon for 15% off my entire purchase! Woot!

I bought most of my maternity clothes from Target, Old Navy, and Gap. If you keep an eye on something you really like, you can usually get it on sale and save a lot of money! And now I'm in the habit of checking and almost exclusively buying whatever is on sale instead of the full priced items. If you order online, search for promotion codes to add to your order for that extra savings. I sign up for just about every email newsletter and notification I can from the places I love to shop so I get coupons.

Same goes for your baby's clothes, your clothes, and Hubby's clothes! I just picked up some sweats for WEB at Target that I'm also using for his Halloween costume. Last week they were $5 each, and I got them this weekend for $2.70 on clearance. :) I got a sweater for $14 and a shirt for $6 at Gap yesterday on sale. I got a coupon from Victoria's Secret for a free pair of undies and $10 off my purchase so I finally bought a bra that fits (a 38DD now, ugh. I just jumped from a $36 bra to a $45 bra. But it fits and I feel much better in it, so I guess that's a small price to pay) and 5 pairs of panties for just under $60 total. Money may be tight, but you just have to be smart about your purchases and you can still get the brands you love and that fit well.

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  1. Wahoo that 15% off your total just saved me $18.00 Thanks for your blog about the weekly coupons from Old Navy =)


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