Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The most expensive toys aren't worth the price of a box

This is just a little tidbit today. I don't care how many toys I buy Hunter, his favorite one's are the things they are packaged in. I mean, look at this child. I buy him all kinds of toys to stimulate the mind, body and soul....and what does he do? He dumps them all out and sits in the basket that the toys are held in. I kid you not peeps, he sat quietly in this basket for a good 45 minutes. He just picked up all the toys around him, observed them, drank some juice, put they toys back into the basket, it got to crowded so then he took them out. It was like his own little haven and I just didn't exist while he was in the basket. Hey, I have to assume that it's stimulating his imagination, right?

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