Monday, September 14, 2009

Hi...where the hell have I been?

No seriously....where the hell have I been? Props to Heath for picking up the slack on my D&D end. I think I've been in some sort of inter dimensional time warp and have lost all track of the space/time continuum and therefore relinquishing myself of all responsibility. I don't know if any of that makes sense....I was just trying to sound a little in the know.

Anyway, I really feel like I've gotten into this rut....the daily routine of parenting has finally got to me. Wake up, feed the baby, feed the dog, feed myself, play for an hour, go on a walk, feed the baby, put baby to nap, run a couple miles, shower, feed myself, do laundry/dusting/prepping dinner/make the bed/pick up messy house, baby wakes, change the baby, feed the baby, go out somewhere/anywhere/get me out of this house, come home prepare dinner, feed the baby, feed the husband, feed myself, play for an hour, bathe the baby, video time(!), bedtime.


And notice that "feed myself" is always last. Hmmmm. But it's gotten so monotonous lately, that I've snapped a little. No really, i think I lost my mind a little in the horrendous repetition and things have begun to fall to the wayside. My posts for example....I have nothing new to write about!! Nothing has happened!! He's been eating well, pooping well, sleeping well....I don't even have anything to complain about! Laundry has gone a bit undone....there is still a pile on the floor of the bedroom from last week that Sonny just picks out of instead of putting it away (GAAAAHHHHH!!!!). Dinner has gotten so repetitive I almost feel like we're straight out of the 50's (YAY!!! It's Tuesday! MEATLOAF night!!!!)

My savior is three days away....a plane ride that will take the family to sunny SoCali to party it up with Mickey, Minnie, And all the Disneyland friends. A week of no cooking (hooray!), no dishes, no schedule. A little bit of walking and a lot of junk food. A little bit of stress for the plane ride and the time change....but stress that i need, drama that is deserved. A break from the ho-hum.....right into the Hi-Ho's (yeah? you like that Snow White reference.....what what). I'm so excited for this trip that it's killing me to stay here. It's definitely a much needed break from the everyday to the fantasy....and momma needs a bit on unreality right now.

Disneyland, take me away!!! HOORAY!!!!


  1. I know H is excited for guys to get here!!! (Me too since we get to babysit Sat night!) xo, Lisa

  2. Wahoo L is back! Hope you have a fab time at Dland! Yay to no cleaning, washing, rinsing, etc. Enjoy your trip sounds like you defintely deserve it.


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