Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coupon Clippin' Fool!

We officially have no food in our house. The last 4 pieces of bread we had were moldy and nasty, so I threw them away last night. For dinner last night, we had one of the Bertolli frozen meals for 2. I think we have a few things of yogurt, some grapes, and some milk and cereal in our house, and that's about it...

We get the Sunday paper at our house purely for the ads and coupons. Hubby sorts through the ads so he gets Best Buy, Toys R Us, and anything of that nature, while I get Target, Cost Plus, Joanns, Michaels, and coupons. I think I cruise through the Target ad at least twice to make sure I didn't miss anything and to see if any of the stuff we need is on sale. Between last night and this morning, after feeding WEB some rice cereal (we are officially graduating to solid foods), I have been clipping coupons and making an overhaul of a list for groceries for our foodless house. I've been planning out our meals for the next week or so and what kind of food I will make for WEB to try. Hubby has been very worried and reluctant to give WEB veggies and fruits, but with my trusty Baby 411 Book's list of Stage 1 foods, I'm confident he'll be trying some good stuff.

Kind of the good thing about being home and having the TV on most of the day, I see some cool new stuff that might be fun to try. A lot of manufacturers will have coupons for their fun new thing on their website. You just have to take the time to go online and print it out. Or if you are at the store and see something that might be fun to try next time, write it down so you can go home and see if they have a coupon for it online.

I also sign up for any kind of mailing list that pertains to my favorite stores. I'm on the Target mailing list, so I got a booklet of coupons for all of their Up & Up products a couple weeks ago. The last couple of trips I've made to Target have resulted in a basket full of Up & Up products that are great quality and much much cheaper.

We also have a Ralphs club card for our groceries. The great thing about that is that they double coupons up to $1. Every time we go to the store, I am sure to pick stuff that is only a Ralphs club special, so I save money there. Most of the time with the Ralphs club discount, it's cheaper than something that isn't on sale even if I have a coupon. They also have points that you accrue over the course of your shopping trips. We usually end up with 1500 points or so, which translates to a $15 off coupon and a whole booklet of coupons tailored to the items we frequently buy there.

I have been honing in my coupon clipping skills since my Dad is the master coupon clipper. One of my favorite things to do on Sundays was to go to the grocery store with my Dad. He likes to stroll and go up and down every aisle. He'd make a list and stick to it. He had a coupon for just about everything on his list. There were times when we'd walk out of the store with over a week's worth of groceries and he saved over $100 with all of the coupons and the receipt was 2 miles long.

The only thing that would make my grocery shopping experience better, is if I had some cute reusable totes to load my groceries into. I've been eyeing the ones at Disneyland, or maybe some cute ones on

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