Monday, August 10, 2009

When did Breastfeeding become a kids game??

Have y'all seen this? I's unbelievable to me!! I saw this on the Insider or Extra or one of those insanely addicting gossip shows one night and was floored! It's a doll, made for wee itty bitty girls, that BREASTFEEDS off of them!! It comes with a "bra" that the little girl puts on and then when the doll is held up to he breast, it makes a sucking sound along with, get this, really cute and sweet lip action too. Awwww....blah....sorry...I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Ok for real, I'm a huge advocate of breast feeding. My milk was so potent that H gained back his birth weight plus 2 pounds in 2 days. TWO DAYS, Y'ALL!!! He was 6 lbs something when leaving the hospital and then when we went to the Peds 2 days later he was 10....crazy! I attribute his healthy, chubby little body to my amazing "boob juice" (to quote Heather). I think all moms should BF a little, even if it's for a week. I understand that some people have a hard time, but just try it for a week. Let your milk flow and if its too hard, so what, at least you tried right?

BUT!!!!!! I am NOT for little girls breast feeding. Some criticism about this doll is that it sexualizes breastfeeding. OK.....that's just retarded. Little 4 year olds are not thinking about it can't really sexualize it. I get that the doll is to promote breastfeeding in the future....but these girls don't even know where babies come from why are we trying to teach them to have the babies suck from our nipples? It's just weird to me! It's almost as bad as a Ken doll coming equipped with some condoms to promote safe sex in the future. OK...well....that's extreme. But when children don't understand their bodies to their fullest, I think that this doll will confuse them. They don't fully understand the nature of what they are doing, and I think that they will be confused as to why the doll is doing what it's doing.

Am I succumbing to the American stigma that breastfeeding is gross and shouldn't be done in public and yada yada yada? I personally don't think so. I'm just a little more conservative maybe. I understand the extreme benefits, and I understand that other countries are way more open and accepting with BF, but we're kinda conservative as a whole in EVERYTHING else, sex included, so excuse me if I'm a little turned off by a woman BF in public.....i should add with no cover up. I get that people have to have a life and feed their child....but let's just be a little conservative about it. Judge me how you want...just my preference.

Anyway....i just think this doll is such an overboard into "teaching" little girls about breastfeeding. They don't even understand boobies at that age (since they still pretty much look like boys on the top half) that its just going to confuse them on teaching them a function of the boobies. It's just a crazy example of how extreme our culture can get......

Oh....I should add a note that this doll is only sold in Spain right now. Not that it's on your local Toys R Us shelves. I think that Europe is the perfect place for this i said....other countries are more open with a doll like this is probably more accepted over there. Just creeps me out....


  1. Breastfeeding seems kind of...strange...for a kid's activity. I mean, aren't there better things for children like sports or video games?

    I for one like to play the Fashion Fantasy Game. It's actually productive because it teaches real fashion concepts unlike Girlsense or Barbie.

    But if kids like to train themselves how to have children, they can do so.

  2. Yeah, this doll is weird. I'm not big on the dolls that eat and pee or poop either, so this wouldn't be something I'd buy my kid.



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