Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First Love

Before Hunter, before Sonny, and just a little before Disneyland......There was Pepper.

My pup, Pepper, was my first love. I got her when she was just 4 weeks old, but met her when she was just 2. I had just moved to So-cal and was bringing in groceries to my apartment when I saw these wonderful bundles of fur bouncing around on my neighbors lawn. I went over to play....and we made eye contact and she came bounding over to me....a little black chubby fluff ball. Ever since then we've been inseparable.

Over the years, Pepper has become the most lovable dog in the most annoying sort of way. Somehow she trained me to have her sleep in bed with me, she must be on a lap at all times, kissing faces are her favorite treat, and she doesn't discriminate against anyone who will pet her....but watch out when you do cuz she will NOT leave your side.

When Hunter came along, I regretfully say that Pepper got pushed aside a little. She was grown! She knew her way around....she wasn't the only child anymore. She would try to sit on my lap while I was breastfeeding and I would have to push her off. No one wanted to hold her anymore...they wanted to hold the baby. And did she resent Hunter for it? NOT ONE BIT. They are the best of buddies now....and he constantly tries to give her kisses and hugs. It's almost a nightly occurrence that they chase each other around the playroom and Hunter erupts into a fit of non-stop giggles. little baby girl is in the doggy hospital right now, and this is so sad, but I forgot how much I love her. Having Hunter in my life has brought more joy to my world than anyone can imagine....but Pepper deserves the same amount of love and affection as she did pre-Hunter and because of the most recent events, I feel as though I haven't provided that for her. She is getting a little mouth surgery for a tooth infection. Yesterday morning I saw that her eye was swollen and it extended all the way down to her jaw. I took her to the vet and she was scheduled for surgery today. Then last night the abscess exploded and we had a dripping, pus-y bloody mess....and a dripping, teary, crying mess (me). We had to rush her to the animal ER and they cleaned her up...but the poor dear had to wear one of those cones around her head. For the first time in her LIFE....the dog wanted to be left alone last night. I cried harder....

So, I dropped her off early this morning and I'm just waiting for a call to pick her up....hopefully with everything intact and better. I miss little love.....

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  1. I hope my little Pepperoni is doing better today. We send her lots of love for a speedy recovery!



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