Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Great Debate that will forever go on and on and on....

SAHM vs. The Working Mom. there any winner to this discussion? I understand the gripes that working moms have against "us" SAHMs....I really do. I put that in quotes because there are a certain group of SAH's that I care not be associated with. I have heard far to many times some inconsiderate SAHM's say such stupid thing such as "How can you stand to be away from you kids" or "Your kids probably miss you a lot, huh?" or such asinine things like "Your kids would be better people if you stayed at home with them." That's just rude. There is not a mother out there that wouldn't rather be with their kids...but there are a number of reasons why Mom's work, right? A life outside the home, a financial necessity, pursuing a life that you worked so hard for pre-family. It's all so normal and understandable!

BUT...and this is a big but......As a SAHM myself....I have to defend "us" (the good us, not the stupid, higher-than-thou-attitude us). I just talked to a couple friends the other day that don't have kids but plan to continue working when they do. That's great! But then they pull this BS...

"Aren't you bored all day? I mean...what do you DO?"

Seriously? Oh, you're right....I'm sitting around eating bon bon's all day while my son learns the ABC's by himself, teaches himself to walk, and just all around learns how to be a good person by himself. Now don't get me wrong, I know that the people that working mom's are leaving their kids with are doing just as good a job, and most likely a better one than I, at teaching their kids manners and ethics and educational type things....but just because I'm a stay at home mom doesn't mean I'm lazy and that I'm doing nothing! Those day care people? That's their JOB? Are you asking THEM if THEY are bored taking care of kids all day?

While working moms choose to go to an office for their daily job....I choose to stay home. Sonny and I COULD live a different life if I returned to work, but considering that we have limited family help here means H would have to go into minus that cost out of my pay, we would only be bringing a minimal amount of money into the house. We sacrifice a little so that I can stay home with H, and it certainly doesn't mean that I'm doing nothing.

I don't think there is a right or wrong way of raising your kids. The SAHM's need to lay off the working Moms....AND vice verse!! In my opinion, a job is a job. Work is work. My JOB is my my kid. It's right either way.

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