Wednesday, July 15, 2009


H got his one year checkup yesterday. The doctor's visit is always such a duality of love it and hate it. I Love love love seeing how big he's gotten, getting the percentiles (90th percentile!! Big Boy!!!), but I HATE having to ask the questions. My doc, Dr. Scott, is wonderful. He never makes me feel like I'm asking the wrong question or doing the wrong thing....but I always feel a little uneasy, like I'm a "bad" mom, for asking questions. I feel like it's my kid....I should know the answer. Then I feel like what if i didn't ask the right questions. Am I a paranoid nutcase or what??

Anyway, Sonny took off and accompanied me to the doctor, which I am SO thankful for cuz as soon as I laid H on that paper to get his clothes off....he was wailing! I think he's getting much more aware of what goes on when he's in that office. Then...he was just not having it with the the nurse had to put him in a bucket scale. Basically it's a bucket that you sit them in so they can't go anywhere. I cursed that I didn't have my camera. 25 lbs!! He's a big boy! His 2 year old cousin weighs the same! HA!

After Dr. Scott examined's like he knew what was coming. Those painful little pricks in those wonderfully chubby little legs. But I have to say...I was so proud of my little guy. He didn't scream....just "Why must you people torture me!? What have I done to deserve this??" Heartbreaking....but his daddy whisked him right up and we were DONE!

The Dr's office can be so traumatizing, for H and for me. I told Sonny that he really should take off every Dr's visit. I think that I need a shoulder to lean on sometimes more than the little guy....

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  1. Yeah, WEB has his 4 month check up soon. I'm going to brave the visit alone, we'll see how that goes. He's only supposed to get 2 shots, vs the 4 that he got at his 6 week check up, so hopefully it won't be that bad. I was almost in tears last time though. WEB was screaming so much he turned a lovely shade of reddish/purple. :(



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