Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fave: The Magic Bullet

So it's not the typical baby product, but this little machine has made my life SO much easier! I invested in this initially for myself to make smoothies and such, but it has turned into such a great tool for baby food! I almost NEVER had to buy jarred food for H.

The 'Bullet comes with 2 different types of mixing blades, and blender attachment and a food processor attachment. For most of the baby food, i would use the food processing blade because it really got all the chunks out and blended to a really nice and smooth consistently. The 'Bullet also comes with these GREAT cups (i guess you would call them cups) in 2 sizes. This is so great because if you were to use a regular blender or Food Processor, the canister is so big that you have to scrape, scrape, scrape to get everything out. The 'Bullet you can litterally unscrew the blade attachment and just pour out. Trust....this is a GREAT tool, especially if you want to feed your baby the freshest foods possible.

Here's just another quick cube trays provide the perfect little portion sizes, and you can freeze foods into the little cubes and then defrost as necessary. I used a microwave....which i know that every one says don't do because of uneven heating....but i stirred and tested before feeding it to H and it was fine. But that's a great time and money saver!

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